Certis is a project that I have been working on for some time now. Shortly after moving to Baltimore for a new job, I realized that a very fast and easy to use PHP framework would come in handy. Basing my ideas off of those of a friend of mine, (Tuxmonkey, and possibly some code too =P ) I went forward with designing Certis.

Certis is a lazy coder's contribution to the PHP community of lazy coders. Actually, it's an MVC framework that is highly focused around reusable code and ease of use. It's also modular so that you can add and remove functionality to your project very easily and intuitively.


Certis is currently in alpha 0.1.
Being as it is in alpha, code is subject to refactoring prior to beta release. Keep that in mind if you choose to use Certis before the code freeze of a beta release goes into effect.

Download Link: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/certis/certis-0.1-pre-alpha.tar.bz2

Subversion Link: http://certis.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/certis/

SourceForge Project Page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/certis/


2009-06-02: Work Resumed
After a slight break, due to work related shufflings, I've restarted work on Certis. The break was probably good, because when I picked the code back up about a week ago, I had a few epiphanies that caused me to do some massive re-writing and refactoring. Most of the work I have been doing is in the 'trunk' on svn, so check it out if you like. I will try to keep it stable. Also, keep in mind, this re-write massively changes authentication, permissions, and preferences, so it will require DB changes if you were using the below mentioned 'pre-alpha' version. The new version allows for pluggable auth modules in a slightly better way than before. The current internal auth module is broken, because of this rewrite, but I'll post another new blurb here when I fix it.

2008-04-08: Certis 0.1-pre-alpha Released!
I am proud to annouce the first pre-alpha release of Certis. This is the initial release of the code and is geared for developers. If you download this version, see the README.1ST file inside the tarball.

2008-03-27: Finished Preliminary Code, wrote me a simple web page.
Today I finished my preliminary coding of Certis. Over the next few days, I'll make sure it's all nice and commented and will roll it up in an nice tarball, and post it for the whole world to see. Also at some point, maybe this weekend, I'll look into getting the project up on a subversion tree somewhere. Probably hosted on sourceforge, simply cuz I don't want to deal with hassle of setting up an SVN server and such myself.

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