Gaim Assistant

Update March 11th, 2008:
So after not having time to work on this project for a while now, I have finally
made it back around to the website. And since Gaim is now Pidgin
(I still can't get over that name change...) I suppose I should probably work on
updating this plugin. I will see about porting it over to the new 2.0 plugin API
and getting it all updated for those of you who used to use it. However, I might be
looking for a person to take this project over, as I have other things which are
going to require my immediate attention.

Gaim Assistant is a plugin to Gaim that will allow you to forward messages to a
different screen name should you become away. It's quite handy for those of you
out there that use AIM over mobile devices as well as at home. It has some
neat features built into the current release. Here's a lovely bulletted list
for all of you click on one for greater detail:


The current version of Gaim Assistant is 0.1.0

Older versions can be found on the SourceForge Project Page

Development Information

There is now a subversion tree that anyone can check out with the subversion client. It is located here.

Also, you might want to check out the TODO file from the development branch to see what I have planned next.

Feature Details

Account Forwarding

This will allow you to forward messages from your account in Gaim to another AOL IM account
if you are away. This becomes useful if you have one screen name for home, and one for
work. Or if you have one for home and one for a mobile device. Also, for AOL IM accounts,
you can use a valid SMS supported phone number for the destination screen name. You would
enter it in the form of +15555555555 if you phone number is (555) 555-5555. This only works
in the US to my knowledge.

Forward Message Queuing

In this instance, if you have Gaim Assistant enabled, and the destination account you
have configured is not online yet, messages received will be queued and sent when the
destination account comes online.

Auto Response Throttling

This option lets you set a timeout for the amount of time between Gaim Assistant sending out
groups of 5 messages. In other words, if Gaim Assistant has 10 messages queued, it will take
at least the amount of time set in the timeout field x2 to send all 10.

Forwarding Security Options

Currently, Gaim Assistant can only limit who it sends messages to by either allowing it for anyone
or only sending to people on your buddy list. In the future, this will be more controllable with lists
of users who it will forward to and lists it will not forward to, similar to the privacy settings.

In addition, Gaim assistant will reveal the destination screen name of the forwarded message, if you
tell it to. This is also limited in the same way as forwarding itself in the sense that it either show it for anyone
or only to people on your buddy list.

AIM Tricks

Here are some interesting and funky things that I learned about AOL IM from messing around with the protocol a tiny bit while writing Gaim Assistant.

Factoid #1 Have you ever had that IM pop up from AolSystemMsg saying "Your screen name (xxxxxxxxx) has signed in
from another location. This screen name is currently signed in at 2 locations.
To sign off the other locations, reply to this message with the number 1.
Click here for more information"
Yeah, sending that bot "help" in an IM reveals what that bot's purpose is.

AolSystemMsg: AOL System Msg menu:
To manage your Instant Messaging sessions, choose an option below by responding with the option's number (1 or 2).

   1. Sign off my AIM sessions connected from other locations (this will not disconnect my AOL sessions)
   2. Tell me how many times I'm currently signed on.